Fake Lake - Fake Desert | 2014

We can see two areas in this collection:
The first three pictures show a lake in Kahrizak located in 70 kilometers south of Tehran. Over the past 50 years, the lake has been used for Tehran’s landfills. 7000 tons of waste is collected from all over Tehran and transferred there daily, the leachate of wet waste comprises 30 per cent of waste taken there. The waste is not sorted at source and overtime, the leachate has created an acidic lake as vast as 12 hectares in the impervious land and Methane Gas can be smelled at the distance of kilometers.
The next picture shows Urmia Lake— the sixth biggest salt lake in the world. Today, the lake has turned into a salt pan which spreads everywhere in the wind.
All species have lived together on Earth under a great system for million years and the only creature making decisions selfishly and acting recklessly is human being.

The existence of Earth does not hinge on our presence. It has transformed over and over to survive over the course of million years.
Perhaps it may linger on and remain beautiful even without us.