Embrace | 2015

The first image of the series “Embrace 1” is the picture I took from my brother and his partner in a beautiful sunny day outside of the city, Laar National park which is about 2 hours from Tehran.

It was a month they were dating. I asked them to hug each other to take some shots. I loved the result and this image was the motivation to create Embrace series.

I found some couples and asked them to hug each other in different locations, I tried to achieve a romantic moment of humanity; to show love everywhere in a simple act of embrace, I did not tell them how to act. I wanted them to be relaxed and natural, my main concern was to cover up their face in a natural way to put emphasis on the act of embrace and to represent love with minimum symbols.

My “Embraces” portrays love that is rare these days. To me the series is my imagination and they are like a memorial for Love. I believe that we should always love. If everyone has someone to love, the world will be in peace.